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Story 1 : “The Thirteenth Night”. Seki turns up at her parents’ house in the dead of night, where she breaks down and says she cannot continue to live with her husband, a rich man to whom the family is indebted. After a tearful and long discussion, they convince her to return. On the way home, the rickshaw driver turns out to be an old school friend, and they reminisce about the old days. …. Story 2 : “The Last Day Of The Year”. Mine is a hard-working maid in the house of a miserly, slave-driving old woman who is burdened by a wastrel son, who pesters the old woman and her new husband for money to pay off gambling debts. Mine’s uncle is her only surviving relative, and the man who raised her, who is very ill and needs money to repay a loanshark. Mine promises to borrow the money from her employer but, although the old woman initially agrees, she breaks that promise on the due date, New Year’s Eve. Can honest Mine resist the temptation to steal ? ….. Story 3: “An Inlet of Muddy Water”. The trials and tribulations of a group of young to middle-aged whores. All the women in this particular bawdy house look up to and admire the stunning O-Riki. But O-Riki is nevertheless troubled. Gen, a shabby coolie, hangs around and pesters her, despite having a long-suffering wife and a young son, who calls O-Riki “The Demon”. One night, desperate for clients, several of the girls lunge at and literally drag some passers-by inside. One of these men is cultured and gentlemanly, and becomes O-Riki’s regular client. She looks forward to his visits and hopes he will marry her. Meanwhile, Gen’s wife alternates between solicitousness and harassment, and home life becomes tough. —[email protected]

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2 Farsi/Persian subtitle Nigorie.1953.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD+2.0.H.264-SbR An.Inlet.of.Muddy.Water.1953.JAPANESE.1080p.WEBRip.x265-VXT An.Inlet.of.Muddy.Water.1953.JAPANESE.1080p.WEBRip.x264-VX DOWNLOAD
3 Farsi/Persian subtitle An_Inlet_of_Muddy_Water_1953_480p_DVDRip_Unknown_Hiv DOWNLOAD
3 Farsi/Persian subtitle An_Inlet_of_Muddy_Water_1953_480p_DVDRip_Unknown_Hiv DOWNLOAD